map of Santa Barbara Channel


MarineMap assists organizations involved in mapping of the oceanographic, biological, geological, chemical, and human dimensions of the ocean and coastal areas. We provide organizations with customized solutions for data storage, data sharing, and web-based mapping.

Who uses MarineMap?

Scientific research groups, resource management agencies, non-government organizations, and educators are MarineMap’s clients.

Why was MarineMap established?

Storage, distribution, and web-based mapping of geospatial data is technically challenging and often expensive. For many organizations it is not feasible to hire the staff and buy the hardware and software required to perform these functions in house. In addition, special expertise is needed to develop and manage geospatial databases and mapping applications for the marine environment. MarineMap has the expertise and an established, advanced hardware and software system. Through MarineMap, organizations can share in these capabilities without the cost and technical challenges of doing it themselves.