Uses and limitations of Environenmental DNA (eDNA) in Fisheries Management

Award Period: 

Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Award Amount: 

$13 236

Agency Name: 

Great Lakes Fishery Commission

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As part of the eDNA for Fisheries Management contract from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Dr. Jerde will participate in three areas. (1) Jerde will attend, either in person or virtually, a Great Lakes Fishery Commission and participate in a panel discussion on the application of environmental DNA.  (2) Jerde will oversee the development of graphics used to support science transfer between scientists, management and the public. Jerde will work with Oceans’O Graphic at MSI to complete this task. And (3) Jerde will participate in organized phone or Skype meetings between Co-PI’s and contribute to the writing of current state of the eDNA science white paper with the goal of providing easily accessible information to fisheries managers about the current state of eDNA science, its demonstrated applications, known limitations and caveats, areas where scientific opinions differ, potential future applications, and availability of addition resources for further education.