TASK 28: A Framework to Compare the Cost Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring (EM) Systems and Human Observer Programs & Case Studies

Award Period: 

Friday, June 1, 2018 to Friday, November 30, 2018

Award Amount: 

$41 500

Agency Name: 

The Nature Conservancy

Award Number: 

SB150143-Task 28

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Area/s of Research: 


  1. Modeling framework - for comparing the cost-effectiveness of different levels of EM and HO coverage in different types of fisheries, at different scales, for different management goals, and accounting for biases and inaccuracies in each program.


  1. ShinyApp - through which stakeholders can explore the relative costs of using HO coverage or EM to meet specific management goals for a range of coverage targets.


  1. Final report - detailing the results of the French Polynesia and FSM analyses, e.g., the costs of each program type and the conditions under which each country would want to choose one program type over the other.