TASK 27:Kelp Workshop and Action Plan

Award Period: 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 to Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Award Amount: 

$208 833

Agency Name: 

The Nature Conservancy

Award Number: 


PI First Name: 


PI last name: 


Area/s of Research: 


Caselle will provide general assistance to The Nature Conservancy for conducting a Kelp Forest workshop and development of an Action Plan for California’s kelp forests.

Specific tasks include:

Pre Meeting:

 Contact invited scientists to encourage attendance and answer questions about meeting content and logistics.

 Help draft and revise agenda.

 Draft a ~2 page problem statement in collaboration with TNC team (not only focused on kelp loss, but regional complexity)

 Draft a “Kelp Interventions Table”, including table structure and addition of a few interventions, in collaboration with TNC team.

 Draft an “Action Plan” outline in collaboration with TNC team.


 Give an opening presentation that sets up 3 regional presentations

 Facilitate break out discussions as appropriate, serve as subject-matter expert and meeting co-host, take notes when possible.

Post Meeting:

 Assist when possible on 3 products (not the lead due to travel): 1) Problem Statement; 2) Interventions Table; 3) Plan for Action Plan