TASK 22: Diversifying Fisheries Investment for the PNA: Evaluating the Potential Benefits of Implementing a CDQ Program in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean

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Monday, January 1, 2018 to Saturday, August 31, 2019

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$300 686

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The Nature Conservancy

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This project asks: What are the economic benefits of different Community Development Quota (CDQ) program structures, and how might this play out for the PNA?  CDQ programs are designed to provide small coastal communities with a viable pathway to participate and invest in their own fisheries, achieve more sustainable and diversified economies, and generate social and economic benefits that can help alleviate poverty. The CDQ program implemented in Western Alaska in the early 1990’s proved to be highly successful, providing a new source of revenue for the 65 participating Alaskan villages, and supporting the creation of more robust economies and social programs. In October 2017, members of The Nature Conservancy’s Pacific Fisheries Program (TNC) traveled to Alaska with leaders of the Parties of the Nauru Agreement (PNA) to get a firsthand look at the way the Alaska CDQ program positively transformed participating communities. Given the similarities between Western Alaska and Pacific Island economies and communities, TNC and PNA CEO Ludwig Kumoru are interested in exploring the potential for a CDQ program to be implemented in the PNA to help local communities increase value capture from their fisheries. In the coming months, Kumoru and TNC will begin socializing this novel concept with the Heads of Fisheries of the eight PNA member countries.