Fish Forever (Waitt Foundation)

Award Period: 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to Monday, December 31, 2018

Award Amount: 

$500 000

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Statement of Work

During the grant period, the Sustainable Fisheries Group at UCSB (SFG), under the direction of Project PIs Lester and Costello, will design and refine analytical tools and provide technical support to improve project implementation and capture learning on how to adapt and improve future strategies and tactics across Fish Forever sites in the Philippines, Indonesia, Belize and Brazil. Specifically, SFG will be responsible for:

·         Providing scientific guidance on site assessment and selection, including assisting with the application of a Rapid Site Assessment tool.

·         Providing technical support in the development of global and regional monitoring and evaluation plans and baseline assessments, including data collection protocols and guidance on the development of a data management platform.

·         Performing data analysis and modeling to inform implementation decisions such as TURF-reserve design and adaptive fisheries management, including the use and development of new data-limited fisheries assessment methods; assistance with setting harvest controls; tracking and evaluating progress towards our stated goals for the program; and providing technical expertise on barrier removal strategies.

·         Writing scientific papers, to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals, based on research related to Fish Forever, when appropriate.

·         Participating in the Fish Forever Science and Design team, including attending regular meetings.

·         Assisting with the development of Fish Forever curriculum on technical/scientific topics, including attending Fish Forever Training Team meetings.

·         Participating in the development of strategic plans for Fish Forever.