Exhibits for the Coal Oil Point Reserve Nature Center

Award Period: 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 to Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Award Amount: 

$61 920

Agency Name: 

USDI Fish and Wildlife Service

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Susan Swarbrick

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The UCSB Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR) will renovate a 5,390 square foot building adjacent to the Reserve on the former Devereux School property that will serve as a Nature Center (the Center) as well as a the new headquarters for COPR’s ongoing education, scientific research, and environmental stewardship programs. 

Our vision for this Center is to maximize the Reserve’s potential for research and teaching and for the public to learn about and engage in natural history, conservation, and restoration.  The Reserve already serves over 6,000 people of all ages each year, but has lacked an appropriate space to support outreach activities.  The Nature Center will provide a place to train tour guides and the docents supporting the Reserve's Snowy Plover Management Program, and provide interpretive and interactive displays for visitors.  Having facilities for lectures and discovery will expand opportunities for the Reserve staff and volunteers to implement education programs and facilitate research.  When the building is completed, we expect to 30% more research projects, which is typical of other reserves with a field station.  We also expect to increase the visitation for education by 50%. 

The displays located in the large meeting room will be a central attraction of the Nature Center that will convey information about the COPR ecosystem and special status species.  The Reserve is home to several threatened and endangered species.  The Reserve's educational programs provide opportunities to view these species in their natural habitat.  The displays in the Center will enhance a visitor's experience at the Reserve by providing an introduction to the Reserve's natural resources prior to a tour or other programmed activity