Effects of Climate on Host-Pathogen Interactions in Chytridiomycosis

Award Period: 

Monday, September 26, 2016 to Friday, September 25, 2020

Award Amount: 

$184 688

Agency Name: 

University of Pittsburgh

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Area/s of Research: 


Dr. Briggs will direct the modeling portion of the project at UC Santa Barbara. The modeling will be aimed at understanding and predicting the distribution and severity of chytridiomycosis risk on DoD lands under alternative climate and management scenarios.


The research on this project is fundamental research.


Planned studies include:

  1. Development of individual-level models. Briggs will work with the other investigators on the project to incorporate the empirical findings from the field survey and laboratory experimental portions of the project into an individual-level model that can be used to predict the impact of climatic conditions on the susceptibility, tolerance, infectivity, and performance (e.g. survival, maturation) of individuals of the target amphibian species She will work with the modeling postdoctoral researcher to develop, implement, and analyze the individual-level models, and prepare publications based on the results.
  2. Development of community-level models. Briggs will direct the development of community-level models to investigate how climate and amphibian community composition may interact to determine the potential for chytridiomycosis outbreaks at specific DoD sites, under both current and future climate scenarios. The community-level models will be used to predict the impacts of specific management strategies to mitigate the effects of chytridiomycosis on threatened amphibian species.