Blue Paper 1

Award Period: 

Friday, February 1, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Award Amount: 

$65 000

Agency Name: 

World Resources Institute

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Area/s of Research: 


Deepening our understanding of consumer preferences, substitution patterns, and demand for optimal

ocean management

On behalf of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, the Consultant will be responsible

for writing a Blue Paper on Future Prospects of Food from the Sea. At a minimum, the Blue Paper should

address the following questions:


  •  What would an analytical regenerative/sustainable ocean protein supply curve look like? (Feasible production volume and cost of a number of different protein types/classes, for each major ocean area (e.g., Tropical East and West Pacific, North Atlantic).
  •  What are the structural barriers preventing change: markets (e.g., entrenched rents, subsidies), policies (e.g., subsidies, open access laws, restrictions on aquaculture), consumer preferences (e.g., bluefin sushi), fishing  culture, etc.
  •  What are the interactions with other (terrestrial and marine) markets (substitution patterns, competition, etc.)?
  •  How can incumbents as well as low‐scale fisheries transition towards more sustainable protein/food?
  •  How can consumer preferences around more sustainable protein/food be transitioned?
  • How can this alternative protein production contribute to SDG 2 (Zero Hunger)?
  •  What institutional changes are needed?

The Consultant will engage the HLP Secretariat during the research and writing process, and adjust

contents based on feedback. The Blue Paper should be between 20-30 pages in length (excluding

references, in Word, single spaced, 11-point font), as well as include full references and citations. The

Blue Paper shall be prepared in accordance with recognized scientific and ethical principles.

In some cases, the Consultant shall be responsible for sub-contracting co-authors to assist with providing

the Services, as appropriate. In these cases, the Consultant shall be responsible for ensuring each author

assigned to provide the Services has the appropriate qualifications and agrees to comply with the

confidentiality provisions and intellectual property herein. Consultant shall be responsible for the

performance or actions of any additional authors with respect to the Services.