Administrative Staff

Name and position Phone and email
Catherine Burns, Personnel Analyst 805 893-2682
Deanna Cervantes, Contracts & Grants Analyst 805.893.8186
Jenny Chu, Budget Unit Analyst 805.893.4305
Donna Dobis, Travel Coordinator 805.893.8078
Debbie Donahue, Administrative Data Manager, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis 805 893-2507
Brian Emery, Computing & Network Technologist 805.893.8480
Marisol Hernandez, Personnel Unit Analyst 805.893.5491
Kayla Jackson, Purchasing Unit Analyst 805.893.3725
India Morgan, Budget Analyst 805 893-2623
Casey Morse, Purchasing Analyst 805 893-3725
Julia Niessen, Business Officer, NCEAS 805 892-2503
Mike O'Neil, Budget Unit Analyst 805.893.4360
Veronica Perez, Personnel Unit Analyst 805.893.5620
Monica Pessino, Creative Director, Ocean o' Graphics 805.893.4522
Tim Schmidt, Manager 805.893.4093
Scott Simon, Outreach Coordinator 805.893.8765
Laura Susin, Budget Analyst 805 893-5079
Molly Thomson, Artist and Web Developer, Ocean o' Graphics 805.893.4522
Luisa Velez, Budget Unit Manager 805.893.7915
Bonnie Williamson, Contracts & Grants Manager 805.893.2344
Joyce Wolever, Human Resources and Payroll Manager, Payroll & Personnel Unit Manager 805.893-.7413
Jim Woods, Director of Computing
Nicole Zavala, Personnel Unit Coordinator 805.893.2209